11 Best pots for orchids

The best pots for orchids allow for a lot of air circulation. That is because orchids are mainly epiphytes and lithophytes, also sometimes referred to as air plants. In their native habitat, orchids use their roots as an anchor system and they are usually exposed to the air without any growing medium. If you are living in a tropical climate, it is possible to grow orchids outdoors without any grow medium or even having to be in a container.  However in most of the rest of the world, we need a pot or container to house the orchid, keep it upright and allow for ease of movement and watering.

Because orchids are air plants, when choosing a pot or container for your orchid, it is best to specifically buy pots for orchids that are designed to allow for a lot of airflow. There are many types of containers for orchids that we can use from wood to plastic, ceramic, and even 3d printed pots.  In tropical regions, people also use coconut shells and hollowed out bamboo as the best pots for orchids in those climates. So let's take a look at some of the best orchid containers that you can buy. 

Best Pots For Orchids-Decorative 

In the decorative category of best pots for orchids, here we are going to focus on decorative pots that are used as the sole housing container for your orchids as opposed to decorative pots that are used in a two-part system such as when using clear aerated plastic pots as the housing containment with the decorative pot being used to showcase and compliment the orchid. 

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Best Pots For Orchids-Most Decorative

When it comes to choosing the best decorative pots for orchids, the 6" Pinwheel Fluted Ceramic Orchid Pot by rePotme stands out as our top pick. With its stunning design, wide range of colors, and thoughtful features, this pot is sure to enhance the beauty and growth of your orchids.


  • Beautiful design with a variety of gorgeous colors: teal jade, cream over cotton candy, cream over garnet, cream over lavender, honey cream over copper, sky blue over cobalt, and white diamond.
  • Crafted with fine craftsmanship and hand glazed for an exquisite finish.
  • Multiple ventilation ports ensure maximum airflow, which orchid roots thrive on.
  • Matching saucer with padded feet prevents condensation build-up and watermarks.
  • Includes a clear plastic insert pot to prevent orchid roots from growing out through the ventilation ports.
  • Ventilation ports allow sunlight to reach the roots, benefiting orchid growth.
  • Ceramic design specifically tailored for orchids, combining aesthetics with functionality.

Our choice in the best decorative pots for orchids category is the 6" Pinwheel Fluted Ceramic Orchid Pot by rePotme. This beautiful design comes in a variety of gorgeous colors, teal jade, cream over cotton candy, cream over garnet, cream over lavender, honey cream over copper, sky blue over cobalt and white diamond. These hand glazed pots also come in a variety of diameters (6", 8", 10") to cater to your various orchid needs. Made with fine craftsmanship, these pots feature many ventilation ports to allow for maximum airflow which our orchid roots love. The matching attached saucer comes with padded feet to prevent condensation build up and watermarks. They come with a clear plastic insert pot, which many orchid growers like to use. Although, these pots could be used to grow the orchid directly in, the plastic pots help to insure that the orchid roots do not grow out through the ventilation ports. At the same time, the ventilation ports allow for maximum airflow, they also allow sunlight to reach the roots and unlike terrestrial plants, orchids roots do like and thrive on a little sunlight. All around, these pots are beautifully glazed in gorgeous colors, the fluted shape is very attractive for showcasing your favorite orchid and the ventilation ports in a ceramic design made specifically with orchids in mind make this our number one choice.

First Runner Up: Decorative Category

For the first runner up in this category, we chose ceramic pots from the ULike home brand.  We like both the 6.5"  Large Round Classy Orchid Pot with Hole in Antique Green and the 7" large square ceramic orchid pot which comes in Cream, Mixed Color, and Reto Green. Both of these sizes are suitable for a wide variety of orchids. They have beautiful ceramic glazes in many colors are visually appealing and will really showcase your beautiful orchid. Like the rePotme fluted ceramic orchid pot, these pots were designed with orchids in mind. Each pot comes with a built in saucer which cannot be separated.  Carefully handcrafted pots feature ventilation ports for airflow, stunningly beautiful glazes to compliment and illustrate your orchid's beauty, and will look great on a windowsill, desk, tabletop in your home or office. They make wonderful gifts for your favorite gardener and a beautiful home for your prized orchid or that beautiful orchid that jumped into your shopping basket while you weren't looking and you just couldn't say no to it when you were checking out. Believe me, I know, this has happened to me also. 

Best Value Decorative

In our best value, decorative pots for orchids, we like the Trendspot Reactive Green Ceramic Orchid Planter available at Home Depot. Under $20, this handcrafted glazed ceramic pot is both attractive and like the other pots chosen in this category, it was made with orchids in mind. It features a multitude of ventilation ports for that free airflow that orchids love. The non detachable saucer collects overflow but adding additional surface protection is recommended. The soft green ceramic glaze will compliment the beauty of your orchid and will look great on a windowsill, table, or desk in your home or office. This beautiful orchid pot could be used on its own to grown and showcase your orchid or you could house your orchid in a clear aerated plastic pot and then place it inside this beautiful glazed pot.

Clear, See Through Plastic Pots

Many experienced orchid growers like to use clear, see-through plastic pots made specifically for orchids. For some growers, these are hands down the best pots for orchids, both for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. The main reason that growers like to use clear, see-through pots is that it makes it much easier to monitor the roots of the orchid and catch any potential problems early. It also allows for better gauging of when to water your orchid. If a clear plastic pot is showing some condensation on the inside of the pot, it indicates that there is sufficient moisture in the pot.

Orchids such as Phalaenopsis have roots that will turn green when they have sufficient water and turn a grayish green color when they are dry enabling the grower to know when to water. Knowing when to water is one of the most challenging aspects to master when learning to grow orchids. While many orchid growers like to house their orchids in the see through plastic pots, they then place them inside of a decorative pot for aesthetics and complimenting the natural beauty of the orchid.  Here are some of the best plastic see through pots for orchids on the market. 

Best Pots For Orchids-Best Clear Plastic 

Truedays brand clear plastic orchid pots for indoors and outdoors. This is one of the best pots for orchids on the market. The features that are nice about this pot are that it is designed with a large amount of ventilation slots allowing for maximum airflow. Coupled with an abundant amount of drainage holes, and sturdy, clear, see through plastic for maximum root observation capacity, this makes the Truedays brand pot an excellent choice. Pots come in a variety of sizes, from 4.5 inches to 7 inches. Easy to wash, and repeatedly reuse. The pots allow plenty of room for root growth, the slotted aeration vents allow for maximum air circulation, and the ample amount of drainage which orchids love, makes this a great choice.  

First Runner Up

Slotted clear pots by rePotme  come in as the first runner up. The rePotme brand pots feature an aerated raised bottom, which allows for bottom ventilation and efficient drainage. The slotted sides allow for good air circulation and the plastic has built in UV protection. In addition to orchid growers preferred clear see through pots, this model comes in a variety of colors which can be used for orchids and a variety of other plants that will benefit from the increased air circulation around their roots. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these pots are durable, reusable, provide great drainage and ventilation. Orchids love to have air circulation around their roots, the Repotme brand specializes in catering to orchids and African violets.

Clear Plastic Pots-Value

YIKUSH brand orchid pots, offer great value for your money. These pots are well aerated with a multitude of ventilation slots, and a raised bottom to allow for better drainage. Planting pots are made of thick sturdy clear plastic which is good for observing root growth and hydration. They come in three sizes, 4.5 inch, 5.5 inch, and 7 inch which are suitable for many small to medium sized varieties of orchids with shallow root systems.  Available in 5 and 10 packs, Yikush brand provides good value for your money. 

Best Pots For Orchids-Self Watering

There are a number of styles of self watering container systems available nowadays. First Rays was the first inventor of this system and hold the patented name of semi hydroponic watering for this type of system. You can read about the theory, how to create a DIY semi hydroponic system and early days of semi-hydroponic growing here. The names semi hydroponic and self watering can be used interchangeably having the same meaning. Some orchid growers prefer this method of growing.

If you would like to know more about self watering systems click on the highlighted link. Self watering container systems provide a watering solution for people with busy schedules and sometimes just work as the best pots for orchids in terms of taking the guesswork out of when to water. Self watering systems allow the water to wick up through LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) from a reservoir which different companies and manufacturers have developed various methods to accomplish the end goal of providing a source of moisture from the LECA. The spherical shape of the LECA allows for a lot of air flow keeping orchid roots very happy. Here are some of the best self watering pots for orchids. 

Self Watering Pots For Orchids:Best

Ideal for large orchids with a large root system. The best overall self watering pot for orchids in our opinion is the 8" Self watering and self aeration high drainage deep reservoir round pot by HB Services USA. Instead of the wicking system used by some self watering plant pots, the patented design uses hollowed out legs that reach into the water reservoir, letting the LECA dip into the legs staying in contact with the water and wicking it up into the plant area to provide a source of moisture for the roots. The aerated base of the pot remains above the water, keeping the roots from being saturated. The base of the planter features many slotted ventilation holes to allow for good air circulation. This also minimizes any chances of mold and fungus.

Each pot comes with its own easy to use clip on watering attachment to make it easy to water. Simply fill the deep detachable reservoir to the top to avoid over watering and run off. The deep reservoir also features shallow legs to elevate it above the surface. This is a wonderful feature to avoid condensation at the bottom of the tray, which is especially good for window sills or other sensitive areas that could be prone to damage or water stains. The smooth gloss finish comes in a number of attractive colors, green, white, black, blue, and plum.

Made from durable 100% UV resistant and stabilized 100% BPA free polypropylene plastic for indoor and outdoor use. The color pigments are UV resistant and polypropylene pots are safe and do not leach chemicals into the soil or water, will not fade from the sun or become patchy or brittle. Lightweight, sturdy, and very attractive smooth gloss finish in a variety of colors, this eight inch self watering and self aerating pot by HB Services USA provides great value for your money and makes the number one slot in our self watering best pots for orchids list. 

Next Choice: Self Watering

The first runner up in the self-watering category of best pots for orchids and in a size suitable to most orchids, is the T4U brand self-watering plants pot. This pot features a deep reservoir with hollowed out legs to allow the LECA to drop into and remain in constant contact with the water thereby wicking the water up by capillary action. The base of the pot has sufficient slotted ventilation/drainage holes, allowing for good air circulation. The design has a notched inside watering hole for refilling the water fertilizer solution. Just fill the reservoir to the top occasionally and let your plants and self-watering system do the rest. Available in beige, blue, and brown high quality polypropylene plastic, it is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to assemble. The benefits of having a self watering system are savings in time, taking the guesswork out of how much to water, and convenience for those times when you need to go on a business trip or vacation. The capillary action of water wicking up into the LECA allow for a constant source of moisture and good air circulation around the roots due to the gaps created by the spherical shape. The passive hydroponic system creates a great environment for orchid roots to thrive. Light, constantly available moisture and lots of air movement and circulation makes an ideal growing environment. The 7.5 inch diameter by 6 inch deep pot is suitable for many orchids. Reasonably priced, this pot is also very good value for your money.

Best Value: Self Watering

In the best pots for orchids self-watering value category we have the Mkono 3 Pack Self Watering Planter, Plastic White Flower Plant Pot with Wick Rope pack self-watering plastic pot. At the time of this writing, these self watering pot provides the best value in our review. The Mkono pot is made from heat and cold resistant plastic and comes in an attractive white finish. The system itself comprises of two pots, an inner slotted pot for air circulation and drainage, and an outer decorative pot which has the inner water reservoir. A cotton wick is inserted into the bottom of the pot and extends into the water reservoir remaining in constant contact with the water, the wick is then drawn up into the growing medium and provides a source of constant moisture. Water storage will last up to 10 days, so if you have to leave on a business trip or vacation, you can feel confident that your plants will have enough water to thrive until you return. The attractive white finish is suitable for a variety of homes and offices. Besides orchids, many other indoor house plants can be grown with this system. When growing orchids, LECA is the choice medium of most orchid growers and we would recommend going with a small diameter LECA pellet for this economy pot. Care should be taken when filling the reservoir, make sure that the top of the water level reaches the bottom of the inner pot and does not exceed that level.

Thoughts On Self Watering Systems

Self watering systems can provide convenience and take the guesswork out of watering. Many plants will respond well with self watering systems, but some will not. There can be numerous reasons for this. Some plants require more water and may use up the reservoir more quickly than you expected. You may not have your plant in a good location and it may have nothing to do with the self watering system itself. It may have to do with the growing medium. When we are talking about orchids, the most common medium to use in a self watering system is LECA because it is non organic and not prone to mold or rotting. Some orchids like a lot of water and a self watering system may not provide enough water, so know the water requirements of your orchid before you try a self watering system. Many orchids will do very well, I just wanted to insert this word of caution here, because we love our orchids and we know you do too. 

Best Pots For Orchids-Hanging Pots

Many pots can be converted into hanging pots with the aid of hanging pot holders. There are also pots that are specifically made for hanging. Here is one that we found on Etsy that is pretty interesting. This DIY 3d printed pot is 7 inches wide by 6 inches deep. This very attractive pot is the perfect size for most orchids. This pot features a honeycomb chain link design with an abundance of ventilation to allow free air flow through to the roots. Available in many colors, this unique design is orchid friendly, very attractive, and it is easy to attach string, rope, or chain to the rim. This pot may be more suitable for outdoor areas if you are in a tropical or semi tropical climate, but we found a number of other interesting and beautiful orchid pots suitable for tabletop and indoor use at the Print A Pot store on Etsy.

Last But Not Least

Last on our list of best pots for orchids in the hanging pots category is the Seishin self watering white hanging basket with hooks and chain. This is a large and attractive planting pot that will be suitable for most orchids.  If you have a very large or cascading orchid that needs to be housed and showcased, then this pot just might suit your needs. Besides orchids, many other plants and flowers can be grown and showcased in this decorative planter. The outer pot dimensions are 11x11x7.5 and the inner pot dimensions are approximately 7 inches in diameter by 7 inches deep. Made from durable polypropylene plastic, it has a very attractive artistic design. There is a multitude of air vent ports for air circulation. Chain and hooks are provided, and the metal is treated with high temperature paint that is not easy to rust.  This is a self watering style planter which makes it especially good for indoor plants. Because the water is self contained, you don't have to worry about over spill onto your carpet or floor.  Indoors or outdoors, this very attractive hanging basket style orchid pot will bring natural beauty to your home. 

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