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Heavenly Tips, Issue #001 -- teaser here
May 27, 2023
Hello Orchid Lovers

Heavenly Orchids Growing Tips

How to make Phalaenopsis Orchids Rebloom:

Phalaenopsis orchids are probably the type of orchid that most people are familiar with. Phalaenopsis are quite hardy and can tolerate somewhat lower levels of light than some other orchid genus'. Provide them a warm location with bright light but not direct sunlight. Follow the guidelines on our website for fertilizing and water with a weak solution of fertilizer on a weekly basis.

Our tip of the month is about temperature requirements needed to get Phalaenopsis to rebloom. If you have ever had a problem with getting your Phalaenopsis orchid to rebloom, this may be the reason. Phalaenopsis need a little bit of a temperature drop into the low to mid 50s Fahrenheit about a month prior to their normal flowering season which is usually during the late winter to early spring. So around mid-October to mid-November set the temperature in your growing room to drop to between 52°-57° Fahrenheit (11°-14° Celsius) at night and provide normal growing temperatures during the day 70° Fahrenheit and above.

For more information on how to make orchids rebloom visit our website at how-to-make-orchids-rebloom.html Have a beautiful day!

Mark Curran, Heavenly Orchids

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